For an ultra-modern look that is sure to catch everyone's eye, Palate & Plate recommends our intriguing square platter collection. As more dining halls and event coordinators turn to 21st century design aesthetics, so too do our customers turn their attention to these platters. With styles that stand apart from all-too-common traditional dining ware, our square platters make for truly unique additions to any table.

If you're a restaurateur looking for something even further out of the ordinary, Palate & Plate has a number of dinnerware choices to help you set your dining experience apart from the rest. With a square bowl selection that is sure to impress and a number of other interesting serving plate options, we offer a wide variety of wares that will wow your guests.

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Palate & Plate proudly offers and distributes top-quality, ultra-modern serving bowl and serving platter supplies for high-scale restaurants, hotel dining services, and homeowners with a taste for fashionable dinnerware. From sleek designs such as our square plate line of wares to other dining accoutrement, Palate & Plate has stylish plates, bowls, and platters for even the most discerning eye. Let us stock your dining room with dinnerware sets that are sure to impress anyone you may serve.