Palate & Plate knows that having the right dining set is important in any situation. Whether you run a five-star restaurant or are a homeowner looking to add some class to your décor, we have just the thing to update your old dinnerware. We offer a square plate selection that is not only ultra-modern and sleek in its presentation, but also comes in a variety of sizes and depths.

No matter what you may serve your guests, you can never go wrong with a square plate and square bowl dining set. The aesthetic design of dinnerware based on right angles is simultaneously eye-catching and space efficient. As much a talking piece as it is an important serving tool for big gatherings, modern dining sets have become increasingly popular in both business and domestic settings. Square plates, large bowls, and sleek serving platter designs are a must-have for any devotee of the culinary world.

All Palate & Plate dinnerware is dishwasher, microwave and oven safe.
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Palate & Plate proudly offers and distributes top-quality, ultra-modern serving bowl and serving platter supplies for high-scale restaurants, hotel dining services, and homeowners with a taste for fashionable dinnerware. From sleek designs such as our square plate line of wares to other dining accoutrement, Palate & Plate has stylish plates, bowls, and platters for even the most discerning eye. Let us stock your dining room with dinnerware sets that are sure to impress anyone you may serve.