Palate & Plate is proud to offer its clients a great selection of restaurant accessories which will improve any dining experience. From sugar bar holders to pitchers, tea pots, and gravy bowls, there's something here for any restaurant or diner. A perfect complement for any serving platter or tea set, these accessories create an atmosphere of refinement which works well for any upscale dining venue.

Our additional dinnerware accessories include such unique items as tajines and lion head bowls. When the same old white plate aesthetic can only carry your dining experience so far, turn to these one-of-a-kind extra odds and ends.

Palate & Plate products are all dishwasher, microwave and oven safe.
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Palate & Plate proudly offers and distributes top-quality, ultra-modern serving bowl and serving platter supplies for high-scale restaurants, hotel dining services, and homeowners with a taste for fashionable dinnerware. From sleek designs such as our square plate line of wares to other dining accoutrement, Palate & Plate has stylish plates, bowls, and platters for even the most discerning eye. Let us stock your dining room with dinnerware sets that are sure to impress anyone you may serve.